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Automotive Dealerships: Leaving the Competition Behind


Many auto dealerships are located near their competitors. It is common to find several dealers co-located in a convenient place such as an auto mall to attract more customers. More than 50% of dealerships are located within five miles of one or more competitor (Dallas Business Journal).


Many times, being in such close proximity can be a positive thing. The amount of traffic a single dealership experiences jumps by as much as 75% when located in an auto mall, and Many local governments offer tax incentives for dealerships to group together in a single locale (Dallas Business Journal).


However, this arrangement may not work out in a dealership’s favor if they do not measure up to their competition. People are visual by nature and will inevitably be drawn to the most attractive dealership in a grouping. 80% of car shoppers are open to shopping at new locations, so it is imperative that aesthetics be a top priority in attracting new customers (Morpace Omnibus Report).


Fortunately, installing a lighting retrofit will not only improve a business’ appearance, but it is also and excellent to save energy, money, and is environmentally friendly. If you are willing to take steps to improve your Auto Dealership facility, contact Contemporary Energy Solutions for a FREE energy audit, valued at $2,000.


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