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Automotive Dealerships: Giving Customers the Green Light


Customer service can be difficult for automotive dealerships. Almost 60% of Americans say they HATE the car buying experience, and car salespeople are among the least trusted professionals in the country (JD Power and Associates). These statistics create an incredibly high standard for the average customer to change their mind about their experience.


Car buyers have a negative preconceived notion of auto dealerships, and as a result, they generally do much more research than they would on most other purchases. 48% of car buyers spend 1 to 3 months shopping before making their purchase. Americans visit an average of 18 websites before showing up at a dealership (JD Power).


People are visual by nature and will inevitably be drawn to the most attractive dealership in a grouping. 66% of consumers say they have avoided a business because of its exterior appearance, while 95% say that the appearance of a business influences where they choose to shop (Wall Street Journal).


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