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Countdown to Daylight Saving 2021Is your business well-lit, safe, and efficient?

On the first Sunday in November, we are reminded to turn our clocks back one hour in recognition of daylight-saving time. This means the sun will rise and set earlier, according to the Farmer’s Almanac. In addition to adjusting your clocks, changing your smoke detector batteries, and inspecting your appliance filters – it’s equally as important to check the performance of your facility’s exterior lighting systems.

This article will outline the many benefits of reviewing your facility’s exterior lighting to not only make your facility safer but more energy efficient.

Exterior Safety & Security

It’s a no-brainer – when parking lots and exterior buildings are well-lit, patrons feel safer. When people are walking in dark, underlit parking, there’s a heightened sense of fear. A major study in New York City found that new outdoor lighting cut crime by 39%.

Installing high-quality and efficient LED lighting can help protect the safety and security of your greatest asset: your employees.


Avoidable Maintenance

Yearly maintenance on halogen, metal halide, fluorescent, and high-pressure sodium lights will cost you thousands of dollars.

Think about it.

With parking lot pole lights, there is no going up and down a ladder. Heavy-duty equipment like a bucket truck or lift is needed to change out a traditional lamp or ballast. And, if you don’t own either of these pieces of equipment, you’ll need to rent or hire an outside contractor, equating to added expenses.

Installing high-quality and efficient LED lighting reduces the costs of maintaining a parking lot over a much longer timeframe. The image below highlights the functional life of traditional lights vs. LED lights. Note, the average park lot fixture stays lit for 13 or more hours a day.

Reduce Your Annual Operating Cost

Reducing cost is a motivator for any business owner. The example below is a client whose metal halide wall packs ranged from 250 to 400 watts, and pole lights were 400 watts. Contemporary Energy Solutions installed thirteen LED wall packs that ranged from 60 to 100 watts and nine pole lights that were 144 watts. With this LED retrofit, we saw a 76% reduction in energy consumption; and the client saved $178 per fixture, per year, in electricity costs.

Operating Costs Reduced by 76% with Upgrade to LED Lights - CES - Solutions that Delivery Straight to Your Bottom Line. Operating Costs Reduced by 76% with Upgrade to LED Lights – CES – Solutions that Delivery Straight to Your Bottom Line.[/caption]

Don’t Just Lose One Hour of Sleep

Overall, lighting is the low-hanging fruit for many businesses. And, we know it, parking lots are boring. But if you want a space to look professional, feel safe, and be inviting, it needs to be well-lit. Have the trusted experts at Contemporary Energy Solutions perform a complimentary lighting audit of your facility. We will come to your facility and perform a full energy inspection to determine all the ways you could be saving money. Visit us today to get started.

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