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Energy Audits: A Business’s Key to Efficiency and Savings

The need to reduce energy costs is a crucial business practice for successful organizations, and energy audits have begun to play a more significant role in managing energy expenses. Energy audits encompass a variety of surveying techniques but most commonly consist of an analysis of energy usage within a building or facility and its contained equipment.

Energy audits are recommended as “best practice” by a variety of experts, including:

National Association of Manufacturers
– MIT Sloan
– Energy Efficiency Policy of the U.S.

Audits have been found to bring savings in the millions.

Energy audits can be self-assessments, external audits or both. Regardless of the type of audit, it is recommended that the audit team represent varied expertise, including process engineers, maintenance experts, systems managers, and energy specialists. Support from outside your company can be helpful and provide missing expertise.

The audit process should be comprehensive and exhaustive, and with such a difficult and time-consuming process, it is easy to see why only 26% of organizations have conducted an energy audit. An outside expert should take care of this for you by offering a facility energy audit to show you where you could be saving more money. This partner in the process should walk you through every step of the project.

Every business is different and has different needs, and the right partner will not advise a blanket solution for everyone. There is not a single technology that is best for every application and circumstance. Your partner in the process should demo any products at no cost or obligation to verify performance and savings, and be willing to help you assess the viability of different scenarios.

The key questions a business should ask are:

1.  Do you know how much money is going down the drain each month through wasted energy?

2.  Is your sustainability record attracting new customers and employees alike?

3.  Are you able to use your energy as a strategic advantage to get ahead of the competition?

Since 2008, Contemporary Energy Solutions has helped hundreds of companies experience the benefits of energy efficient lighting. We start with a free energy audit, coming to your facility to conduct a professionally engineered lighting analysis and inspecting your site for inefficiencies. We take note of all the potential ways that you could be saving.

If your business is interested in conducting an audit in order to improve your efficiency and discover the potential savings, please visit our website or call us at 800-893-2388.



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