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Exterior LED Lighting Project

❄️ It might sound crazy, but don’t wait for the snow to fall.
☀️ Summer is the perfect time to light up your exterior spaces.

This customer saved 𝗕𝗜𝗚 with an exterior lighting upgrade:
💲 $123,706 Energy & Maintenance Savings
🚦 2.5 Year ROI
〽️ 58% Reduction in Fixtures

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Exterior portion of the project featured below:

About Contemporary Energy Solutions
Contemporary Energy Solutions (CES) offers business owners and management teams turnkey solutions for high-quality lighting, energy-efficient controls, equipment, rebate/incentive management, and service installation. CES partners with its customers to solve their greatest lighting needs. This includes high operating and maintenance costs, inaccurate lighting levels, safety, lighting uniformity, or cost-efficient solutions.

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