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Finding the Right Partner


Vol. 3 – Warehouse and Distribution Centers


The potential savings from a lighting retrofit can vary wildly.


It is important to carefully examine the past success of your potential partner before making a decision. Are they seeing the results you would expect with their other partners years after the work has been completed?


The right partner will facilitate additional savings by having factory direct relationships with quality suppliers, eliminating layers of markup prevalent in the industry. They will also work with you to creatively find ways to finance the proposed upgrades without breaking the bank in the process.


It is extremely important to look for someone who is an expert in the field. Years of experience mean someone has knowledge and access to superior technology, as well as connections to contractors who will provide you with the best deal.


The right partner will be able to audit your facility and determine your potential savings. Audits have been found to bring savings in the millions. They are recommended as “best practice” by a variety of experts, including:



The audit process should be comprehensive and exhaustive, and the right energy partner will take that burden off your hands. Not only should they provide this service for you, but also they should walk you through each step of the project, taking into account your business’ particular needs.


There is not a single technology that is best for every application and circumstance. The right partner will demo the product at no cost or obligation to verify performance and savings. They should also be willing to help you assess the viability of different scenarios.


The right partner should be accessible and responsive to your concerns.
Be sure that your energy partner is one of them.


If you are willing to take steps to improve your warehouse and distribution facilities, contact Contemporary Energy Solutions for a FREE energy audit, valued at $2,000.


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