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Green Development is the New Standard

Builders are ensuring more and more of their projects are green from the ground up. According to the World Green Building Trends report, by 2018 the percentage of global builders with at least 60 percent of their projects certified green will double. 1 Green development and construction is placing emphasis on areas such as environmental certifications, water conservation, zero-net energy buildings, widespread usage of green building materials, increased energy efficiency, and analyzing data to improve efficiency. 2

An increase in green building codes across the globe is ensuring builders are following energy efficient guidelines when designing, building or renovating structures. According to Boss Magazine, ever since the emergence of the “going green” trend, it’s a matter of corporate status to have green building status. Owners also find green buildings to be healthier spaces for their family members and employees to stay fit and productive. The sales value of green materials is high, they attract buyers easily, and provide rapid return on investments. 3

Not only are green building materials being used in construction, buildings are equipped with high-tech energy efficient systems and have networks enabled to monitor and control almost every detail. listed five examples of IoT enabled features that smart buildings are utilizing to manage their energy consumption. They include:

  • Optimized HVAC systems
  • Managed electricity reductions
  • Maximized building security
  • Smart sensors for lighting
  • Controlled appliances from remote locations

Forbes stated, “these technologies, once considered revolutionary, are steadily becoming the norm.” 4

Governments have become more aware in recent years and are even offering incentives to help pay for or reward those businesses that take part in green certification programs. With technologies improving, natural resources becoming more scarce, and people taking a closer eye at the ecological impact of business operations, the green building trends are a smart bet that’s sure to continue.



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