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Green Tips for Your Business

With so many products and services to choose from, it has never been more important to differentiate yourself from the competition. Going green is a great way to stand out, and can also help out your bottom line. Here are a few tips your company can implement to save money as well as decrease its eco-footprint.

Switch to post-consumer waste

Switch to post-consumer waste (PCW) whenever it is feasible, and completely eliminate paper when possible. If you must print, be sure to use eco-friendly products. Although many businesses simply look for a recycling symbol on the paper products they purchase, this does not necessarily mean that the product is made from recycled materials. Look for verbiage that states that the paper is made of post-consumer waste – made entirely from paper that has been placed in recycling bins. The production of PCW paper uses 45 percent less energy and only creates half of the waste traditional paper production generates. Look for products with 100% PCW labeling, and if it is not available, use options with the most PCW content possible.

Use compact-fluorescent (CFL) or LED lights

The purchase price of CFL and LED lights may be higher than incandescent light bulbs; they will last far longer and utilize less energy. CFL and LED bulbs replace incandescent bulbs in most light fixtures and can potentially provide an eventual savings of $200 per bulb.

Replace outdated appliances 

Outdated refrigeration systems in climate controlled facilities, inefficient lighting on auto dealership lots, and other aspects of daily operations in the manufacturing and supply chain industry could be costing companies an exponential amount. Updating to more energy efficient systems will produce long-term environmental and economic savings.

Energy Audits

Get an energy audit to determine where you could be saving money and electricity. Sealing up cracks and leaks can cut a significant amount off heating and cooling bills. Outdated lighting systems could be costing your business thousands in wasted electricity. Click here to receive information on Contemporary Energy Solution’s free energy audits.

Power with alternative energy

Many cities and states give businesses the option to utilize “green power” without switching from your current utility service. Green power has been generated from renewable sources, i.e. wind, solar, geothermal, and hydropower. This may increase utility bills by a small percent, but that percentage is utilized in purchasing the clean energy and feeding it into the electrical grid.

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