Keep it Cool. Eliminate Costly Inefficiencies.


Vol 1. Creating Successful Climate Controlled Facilities


Lighting climate controlled facilities provides a unique challenge. Traditional lighting equipment produces heat, which is obviously not wanted when operating a cold space.


The right type of lighting, however, can help avoid this problem. Certain types of LED systems are a good fit for cold storage units by increasing in efficiency as temperatures drop, consuming 76% less energy than other systems.


Small changes can have a significant impact on operations.

  • The average refrigerated warehouse customer uses each door an average of 720 times each day, costing $65 per day, per door.
  • Switching to energy efficient methods drops those costs by more than 66% to just $22 per day.


Another example of how improving energy efficiency can provide expansive savings is a refrigerated Walmart distribution center, which is netting big savings.


They switched to low-energy, solid-state LED lights, enabling them to keep their facility cooler than with traditional lighting systems.


It is estimated that they will be generating $129,000 in annual savings as a result of this change.


If you are willing to take steps to improve your cold storage facilities, contact Contemporary Energy Solutions for a FREE energy audit, valued at $2,000.


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