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How To Get LED Retrofit Upgrade

Although LED retrofits or installations for lighting improvement can be overwhelming, the process can be simplified with the right partner. Contemporary Energy Solutions helps industrial and commercial clients eliminate waste from their operations and improve their bottom lines. We begin by addressing facility lighting and energy supply since these are the lowest hanging fruit for most companies. We ensure that we understand our clients’ needs and requirements, then determine a client-specific strategy. With our unique, value-engineered approach to lighting design, we minimize out-of-pocket costs to meet lighting objectives with an LED Retrofit. Not all jobs are the same. However, most of our clients share a few common objectives:

  • Reduce Energy Costs
  • Meet or exceed current light levels
  • Meet new light level standards
  • Qualify for utility rebates and tax incentives

Step 1: Viability Assessment

First, we perform a Viability Assessment. This helps us identify cost-saving opportunities at our client’s location(s) and assess the economic viability of an LED retrofit. CES provides a technology demonstration onsite to measure and verify output and energy consumption. Consequently, this information is used to design a lighting system that meets or exceeds our client’s lighting requirements and optimize their energy savings.

Step 2: Site Testing

Second, we perform site testing to determine the right technology to meet our client’s needs. This helps verify the project’s performance and economic viability. We seek consistent lighting results to maximize efficiency and ensure that all spaces are properly lit.

Step 3: Final Proposal

Once we’ve found the optimal balance between technology, performance, and economics, we present a final proposal. As we listen to our clients and understand their specific needs, we can utilize our factory-direct relationships to locate the lowest price and find the best solutions for our objectives. We are also experts at helping clients develop and implement an IoT strategy that piggybacks off of the LED lighting upgrades.

Rebate Management and Tax Incentives

The rebate management division at Contemporary Energy Solutions dedicated to incentive paperwork. They manage potential incentives from cradle to grave to ensure the maximum incentive is received. Our rebate team works with local utilities to handle the administrative process and guarantee that all utility procedures are followed correctly. Even more, CES can also assist in taking advantage of federal tax programs.

Implementation of LED Retrofit Solutions

Contemporary Energy Solutions has a Facility Services Division that handles all aspects of implementing a lighting installation project. Alternatively, we can also work with your preferred electrical contractor. By leveraging our high-volume, wholesale purchasing ability, we are able to get competitive rates on materials. Therefore, if you want to take on a project on your own, we can provide the materials at a low price. CES will recycle and dispose of all old lighting systems and provide recycling and disposal certification.

In addition to the financial benefits of an LED Retrofit lighting upgrade, your choice of lighting can deliver a significant boost for productivity. As a result of LED lighting, our clients have seen a substantial positive impact on the workers in their facilities. CES has the know-how to simplify a lighting upgrade with an LED retrofit. With over 90 years of industry experience, our team has completed over a thousand successful lighting projects for industrial and commercial clients.

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