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Expect the Unexpected! Leveraging the Energy Saving Benefits of Sustainability

Creating Successful Warehouse and Distribution Centers:
Leveraging the Energy Saving Benefits of Sustainability


The financial benefits of an energy efficient facility are exponential.


It is estimated that an energy efficient warehouse cuts their energy consumption by an average of 35%. Some companies see savings as high as 60%. For an industry that uses up to 15% of their total budget on energy, the savings are enormous.


The benefits of updating and utilizing a more energy efficient facility are far from stagnating. It is estimated that there is a potential for $60 billion in savings in the U.S. from warehouses alone.


The biggest savings can be found in updating the heating and lighting systems, where 76% of total ware house energy consumption comes from.

pdiOne example of a business that has seen drastic savings by updating their facilities is Perishable Distributors of Iowa. They were able to reduce their light-related energy consumption by 87%. This brought them an energy savings of $74,000 a year.


hyvee-logoHy-Vee, a Midwestern supermarket chain, reduced their energy consumption by 74% at their distribution center after performing a LED lighting pgrade. The new energy-efficient lighting system is expected to save the company $23,456 each year in energy costs.


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