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85% of Staff Suffer Headaches Due to Bad Lighting

If you don’t worry about how workplace lighting affects your employees, you’re in the dark. Several studies have proven that proper lighting in the workplace improves both productivity and happiness for employees in any industry.

LED Lighting is the Best Alternative to Natural Sunlight

Natural lighting is the ideal choice for ensuring that employees feel happy, productive, and energized. Studies show that exposure to natural lighting stimulates dopamine and reduces the risk of becoming near-sighted.1 Unfortunately, most job positions don’t allow employees to be outside very much. As a result, companies need to evaluate their facilities and determine whether they need a lighting upgrade to help create a productive environment.

When natural light isn’t possible, LED light is the best alternative. LED lighting can emit a bright, pure white light that appears like daylight. The human body typically responds similarly to LED light as it does to natural light.2 & 3

The Effect of Poor Lighting in the Workplace

Companies can no longer afford to ignore the adverse effects of poor lighting in the workplace.

Lighting typically isn’t the obvious cause of suboptimal productivity and health. However, the U.S. Bureau of Labor found that 24% of office employees attribute poor lighting as a factor causing loss of work productivity due to eyestrain and discomfort.3 In addition to the lost productivity, a recent survey by Bruskin Goldring Research found that 85% of knowledge workers suffered from headaches as a result of poor lighting in the workplace.4

LED Lighting Upgrades Improve Workplace Productivity

Implementing LED retrofits in an office, warehouse, or manufacturing plant requires an initial investment. However, the cost of implementing a lighting upgrade can be offset exponentially by the gains from a more productive workforce. Improved lighting often increases employees’ energy and morale at work, which enables employees to offer their full potential.

The EU’s “Lighting for People” project found that companies who use modern lighting equipment see absenteeism drop by 25% and productivity improve by 13%. Although the results may vary by company, this data still communicates a strong correlation between proper lighting and improved workplace productivity.

How to Make the Switch to LEDs

Our highly trained staff at Contemporary Energy Solutions (CES) are the experts at helping companies implement LED retrofit lighting solutions. We provide full system design and demonstration to ensure that our clients’ needs are met. Our turnkey delivery ensures that the project is finished right. We also provide an incentive management team to help companies take advantage of tax incentives and rebates.

Implementing a lighting upgrade with LED retrofits will help companies save money on energy. In addition to the energy savings, proper lighting will help employees feel better at work and be more productive. This investment in employees has proven to have exponential returns!

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