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Vol 2. Creating Successful Climate Controlled Facilities


The number of environmental regulations created in recent years has exploded.


This trend is not going away. In June of 2014, the EPA announced a set of ambitious new regulations aimed at improving the environment by 2030.


Make changing changes now can save cold storage companies potential fines as well as lost money on wasted energy. The U.S. government currently offers a large number of tax credits for upgrading to more energy efficient facilities. These tax credits and deductions have a limited timeframe so it is crucial to act before they are gone.


There are a variety of programs designed to incentivize energy efficiency.


  • New Clean Renewable Energy Bonds
  • Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds
  • Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit
  • Coordination with Renewable Energy Grant



With new programs always being developed, it is important to consult an expert who can help you achieve the best savings for your unique situation.


If you are willing to take steps to improve your warehouse and distribution facilities, contact Contemporary Energy Solutions for a FREE energy audit, valued at $2,000.


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