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We have a team of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals backed by more than 220+ years of experience delivering energy-saving solutions in the lighting industry. 

Tony vlastelica

Tony Vlastelica

Founder & Principal

Founder + principal

Since founding Contemporary Energy Solutions in October 2011, Tony has been active in the day-to-day operations of the company. Tony spends his time in multiple areas including CEO responsibilities, talent acquisition, sales leadership, and client acquisition/retention.

Tony has worked in the energy field since 2008, including 4 years with Orion Energy Systems.

With a bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, previous entrepreneurial experience, and industry leading sales training by pioneers in the lighting retrofit space, Tony is uniquely positioned to help guide CES and ensure we deliver the desired results to our clients at our high standard of performance.

A devout Christian, Tony recognizes that he has been saved and greatly blessed by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In his free time, Tony enjoys spending time with his wife and four daughters, as well as watching science fiction, superhero, and Disney/Pixar movies. Tony also enjoys (or more often, endures) watching Chicago Bears football with his friends and family. Tony is the son of immigrants from Croatia, and is in the first generation of his family born and raised in the USA. Tony really likes BBQ - both eating it and making it for friends.

ryan r.

Vice President of Operations

Ever since Ryan stepped foot on his family’s dairy cattle farm, he has forged a reputation for working hard to get to where he is today. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting, he joined the lighting industry. He was tasked with compiling estimates, managing company pricing and strategy, assembling reports, and obtaining 1M+ in third-party financing contracts. Ryan joined CES in 2017 as a Controller and was soon promoted to VP of Operations.

In his free time, he enjoys staying active by working out, playing volleyball or tennis, and running in various marathons. Through his love of running, he completed the Chicago Marathon in 2016.

brad y.

vice president of

Brad has extensive experience in industrial sales and account management, with a specific focus on the commercial/ industrial lighting industry for over 10 years out of his 23-year career. Throughout his career, Brad has worked in various factory environments, ranging from foundries to cheese plants to plastic injection molding to tire manufacturing, among others. Aside from his professional achievements, Brad takes pride in being a father to his two children. He considers himself fortunate to have married the girl next door. Brad loves spending quality family time through camping, particularly the more luxurious version known as "glamping." And, he actively contributes to his community by participating in civic activities and supporting non-profit organizations.

Dave A.


Dave has a strong work history in the lighting industry, with experience working as a lighting tech, sales, project manager, coordinator, dispatcher, and lighting supervisor. At CES, Dave is a member of the sales and project management team. He compiles lighting audits and site surveys, ensuring accuracy for our site proposals.

When Dave's not playing hard in the lighting world, he can be found working multiple secondary jobs including In N Out Burger, where he's created a special animal salad, not listed on the menu. It's his secret recipe; make sure you ask him about it!

Dylan A.

Business development exec.

Dylan, a seasoned sales professional and lighting consultant, brings over 25 years of expertise in the lighting and energy efficiency sectors to CES. With a solid reputation as a leading industry expert and sales leader, Dylan has excelled in both public and private sectors. His ability to consistently surpass client expectations and goals is a result of his extensive knowledge of emerging lighting and controls technologies, exceptional customer service, and strong communication skills. Dylan is an alumnus of the University of Iowa and enjoys spending his free time with his three children and watching football.

enzie A.

Project coordinator

With her attention to detail, quick learning abilities, and diverse interests, our Project Coordinator, Enzie (short for Mackenzie) is a valuable team member. She brings a unique perspective to the table and is always eager to expand her knowledge and skills. As a project coordinator for CES, she handles our assignments from start to finish. She is manages project budgets, site scheduling and coordinating project needs with internal team members.

When she's not busy aiding our team, you'll find Enzie enjoying the great outdoors. Her love for nature and hiking is a testament to her adventurous spirit and her appreciation for the beauty around us.

ray B.


Ray is a proven A+ player who has worked his way up in the lighting industry, most recently serving as a Lighting Auditor for Oklahoma LED. Versed in the industry, Ray has audited several facilities and has a passion for helping businesses achieve their energy reduction goals. Ray’s work ethic is like no other – his grandfather instilled lifelong values of responsibility, integrity, and character – qualities Ray continues to demonstrate day in and day out.

On the side, Ray can be found at the golf course either volunteering for various events or taking time off to play the wonderful game.

Brad B.

sales engineer manager

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Stout with a bachelor’s degree in service management, Brad spent much of his 11+ years in the lighting industry. With a strong background in proposal development and engineering, Brad provides product knowledge to the sales team. He joined CES in September 2018 and currently serves as the Sales Engineering Manager. Brad’s drive to succeed is off the charts … he once sold a 50-year-old port-a-potty at a garage sale for its full asking price; must be the salesman in him.

If you think you are a “foodie” – you haven’t met Brad. He is always ready to try new or different food combinations.

Alyssa C.

marketing manager

Alyssa maintains our marketing content, watches over our social media pages, creates marketing materials for our sales team, and oversees prospect researching for our Sales team.

She holds a bachelor's degree in public relations and spent seven years in Southeast Wisconsin working in PR/Marketing for healthcare organizations, and a mining equipment manufacturer. She returned home to Northeast Wisconsin and began working once again in the nonprofit sector as a healthcare fundraising professional. No surprise here, but Alyssa is a warm-hearted, people-person and loves building personal and professional relationships. We're so glad her interests led her to #teamCES!

Aaron D.

purchasing manager

With an education background in Biotechnology from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls and Civil Engineering from Chippewa Falls Valley Tech, Aaron uses his knowledge to evaluate product lines for quality. He joined CES in February 2018 as Purchasing Administrator. Prior to this, he spent 6 years at a like-lighting solutions provider where he focused on project purchasing and material planning.

Aaron spends most of his free time with his wife and two daughters. He enjoys cooking and loves trying new food. During the long Wisconsin winters, Aaron plays on a mediocre dart team. When summer finally arrives, he’s excited to get back outside to play on his volleyball team.

katie h.

proposal analyst & crm admin.

Putting her Administrative Assistant Associates Degree to use, Katie started her work career in the tourism industry. She then shifted gears to the lighting industry and accepted a position where she put together bids for commercial, industrial and agricultural customers. Katie joined CES in July of 2016 in the role of Operations Support/ Proposal Developer. She is also responsible for maintaining the company data in Salesforce.

Katie stays active during her off time. She enjoys gardening, a glass of wine, and watching baseball and football. She also enjoys spending time with her husband and their two boys.

jen k.

operations manager

Operations management for lighting and solar projects is Jen's forté. She brings a wealth of experiences to the CES team, having co-managed over 5,000 lighting and solar installations during her professional career. Jen joined CES in March 2017 where she started working in our incentive department. It's no surprise why she was soon promoted to our Operations Manager.

Jen spends most of her time with her husband, four kids, and their beloved pets. Together, they enjoy their summers on the boat and winters at their family cabin in the Wisconsin Northwoods.

mickey l.

Senior Project Manager

As an Army Veteran, Mickey spent 7 years as a Combat Medic. His time included 36 months in Iraq where he received many awards including the Bronze Star and Purple Heart. While in the Army, he finished his Associate's Degree in Business Administration. Mickey joined CES in November 2015; he currently works as a Sr. Project Manager. Mickey loves going on family walks with his wife, children, and household pets. He prefers to spend as much time outside with his family as possible whether it would be exploring new places or having a BBQ. His hobbies include lifting weights and outdoor activities such as bike riding, hiking, and running.

nick l.

sales engineer Manager

With over 20 years of engineering and management experience, Nick brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. He initially joined CES as a Senior Project Manager and has since proven himself as a valuable asset.

Nick's educational background further enhances his expertise in the industry. He holds a Master of Science degree in engineering management from the University of Tennessee – Chattanooga. This educational foundation, combined with his extensive experience, makes Nick a highly knowledgeable and capable professional in the field.

In summary, Nick's role as our Sales Engineer Manager is vital in ensuring the successful completion of lighting service projects.

tom p.

Business Development Exec.

A marketing and sales professional in the lighting industry, Tom has broad experience in building and sustaining customer relationships. With more than 15 years of service, Tom is dedicated to helping CES clients find quality lighting solutions for their industries. Self-motivated and energetic, Tom researches and attracts new clients, delivers presentations for potential clients, and maintains communication with existing clients to support an ongoing relationship.

Tom earned a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, specializing in Marketing and Economics from The Ohio State University (go Buckeyes!). He loves nothing more than spending time with his three children, being outdoors, and staying fit.

josh s.

Sales Technician-Wisconsin

Josh brings over 16 years of invaluable experience as a highly skilled and dependable automotive/Diesel technician to our team at Contemporary Energy Solutions (CES). His extensive background equips him with a wealth of expertise in solving mechanical and technical challenges, ensuring top-notch service delivery to our clients.

Josh's diverse background and understanding of mechanical systems make him a valuable addition to our team. In his role, he collaborates closely with our clients in Wisconsin to identify products and services that precisely align with their unique requirements. When away from work, he enjoys quality time with his family aboard their boat, tending to his garden, or taking on his latest home project.

Patty S.


Patty rejoined the CES team in April of 2019. She had previously worked as Tony’s sales assistant at a-like lighting solutions provider. Patty is currently tasked with general office management, bookkeeping, human resource activities, and serving as Tony’s executive sales assistant. With over 25 years of experience in office management and customer service, she prides herself on providing great attention to detail and timely follow-up on assignments from her co-workers and customers. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion from U.W. Stevens Point and a master’s degree from Silver Lake College.

Patty has always been interested in fitness and nutrition and is an avid walker. She logs 5–6 miles every morning and doesn’t miss a sunrise.

Joaquin V.

director, project management

With 13 years of combined experience in the design and implementation process of electrical, lighting, telecommunications, life safety, and security systems. Joaquin has had the opportunity to install, design, collaborate, and lead an array of interdisciplinary renovation and new construction projects with varying complexities. Prior to re-joining CES in December of 2018 as a Sr. Project Manager, Joaquin received his Master of Industrial Technology and Operations from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

For Joaquin, family time is invaluable as well as time working on self-improvement. Even though he is used to spending months inside due to Chicago winters, he any savors time he can spend outdoors fishing, hiking, swimming, and outdoor festivals. In 2016, he spent time backpacking through the Amazon Rainforest as well as various volcanoes in Ecuador.

modesty v.

proposal Development

Modesty has been with CES since its inception. She currently works in proposal development where she utilizes her 15+ years in the lighting industry to put together lighting estimates and proposals. Modesty demonstrates a strong work ethic, going above and beyond in both professional and personal settings. In 2010, she became a born-again Christian and enjoys bi-weekly bible studies at her house. She has four daughters, with ages ranging from elementary school to college, and her family also adopted a cat named Misty from the humane society in 2020. She enjoys helping at her youngest daughter’s school, cheering on all her kids in sports (including her oldest who is a college athlete), gardening, and supporting her husband’s love of BBQ by hosting numerous BBQs in her house all year long.

Pao V.


In 2023, Pao joined CES as a Sales Engineer, bringing 14 years of extensive experience in the lighting industry. Throughout his career, Pao has demonstrated exceptional skills in a range of positions, including installation, design, sales, estimating, and leadership. Pao holds an associate's degree in Electrical Engineering Technologies from Stark State College. Additionally, he obtained several State of Ohio Life Safety license. Pao's dedication to professional growth is evident through his industry-specific certifications such as the CSLT (Certified Systems Lighting Technician) certification from NALMCO (National Association of Lighting Management Companies).

In his free time, Pao prioritizes spending quality time with his wife and five children, as well as exploring the great outdoors.

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