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Packaging Supplier Sees Results that Speak Volumes

This global packaging manufacturer puts their customers and their employees first. After experiencing never-ending problems with their existing, outdated lighting, they decided to find results and pursue an energy-efficient LED solution. They opted for the most popular energy upgrade, an LED retrofit. With this lighting project, in particular, the objective was to meet corporate lighting standards and to provide quality lighting for their employees.

To achieve this, a mixture of existing LED and fluorescent fixtures was replaced with LED high bays. This improvement helped worker safety, reduced product and equipment shadowing, and provided an overall better work environment.

CES generating results: before and after lighting upgrade

Results that speak volumes
Aside from the clearly apparent improvement in this customer’s overall lighting quality, they saw several benefits from switching to 100% usage of LED fixtures. This includes:

  • Cost Savings: Increase in annual return on investment
  • Energy Efficiency: Lower energy consumption; less heat generated
  • Safer Light: Reduction in lighting mercury and CO2 annually
  • Service Life: Longer lasting lighting with simple maintenance
  • Controllable: Adjustable motion sensors, dim-ability, timers
Foot Candle Readings
Production 13378
Production 22876
Production 31979
Production 42580
Production 56.9522
Production 61323
Production 71950
Production 817.580

Contemporary Energy Solutions
Since its founding in 2011, Contemporary Energy Solutions has been a company focused on turnkey solutions for high-quality, energy-efficient lighting and control systems. With a team of industry experts and a service area spanning across the United States, the company strives to help industrial, commercial, and other businesses, reduce their energy footprint and energy consumption. It is our mission to deliver only the best. Call us today at 800-893-2388 or click here to schedule an introductory meeting.

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