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Staying Ahead of the Game – Climate Controlled Facilities


Vol 3. Creating Successful Climate Controlled Facilities


An Attractive Workplace for Current and Potential Employees


To succeed in today’s new climate controlled world, companies must find ways to cut costs, exceed expectations and stand out from the competition. One step that companies are taking to ensure their success is by creating the best possible work environment for both their current and potential employees, and this is something that all cold storage companies are capable of.


The first step is to change the things that a company is in control of. Although there are obviously challenges that can’t be changed (such as the anticipated shortage of up to 30 million U.S. workers over the next 20 years), there are things that CAN be done to make a difference.


For example, one element that a rising percentage of employees are looking for in their company or potential employer is sustainability. A recent study found that there is a “significant positive relationship between employee satisfaction and level of perceived environ mental performance.”


Making energy efficiency a priority can help you stand out from the crowd.


  • 25% of workers say they would switch jobs if they found that their employer had poor sustainability efforts.
  • 20% would take a pay cut to work for a environmentally friendly company.
  • Unfortunately, just 27% of U.S workers are very satisfied with their employer’s sustain – ability efforts. In today’s fierce job market, you cannot afford to be one of them!


Becoming energy efficient will not only save money but also attract needed talent.


76% of U.S. workers say that it’s important to them that their employer takes action to protect the environment. With employee recruitment being one of today’s top challenges, creating an attractive work environment has never been more important.


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