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Contemporary Energy Solutions, LLC awarded for saving the most kilowatt hours

Contemporary Energy Solutions, LLC in Naperville, IL was recently awarded by the Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) EnergyRight® Solutions for Business + Industry (ERSB+I) Programs for savings in the most kilowatt hours in the Northeast and Southeast districts and saving the most kilowatt hours in the technology category for Lighting across the TVA Valley. They were also nominated for excellence in performance in the technology category for Refrigeration. Contemporary Energy Solutions earned this honor for their excellence in performance and participation in TVA’s Preferred Partners Network (PPN).

The Contemporary Energy Solutions team implemented 18 projects that earned customers $935,837 in cash incentives, saving a total of 12,239,958 kilowatt hours for their customers in TVA’s fiscal year (FY) 2015. These projects were completed throughout the TVA service area and significantly contributed to the Valley’s total energy savings goal of 317.41 gigawatt hours for FY15.

As a member of the PPN since 2012, Contemporary Energy Solutions has completed 66 projects and saved over 32 million kilowatt hours throughout the TVA service area, which is equivalent to powering approximately 2,034 homes, and has resulted in over $2,886,781 in cash incentives for their customers.

The ERSB+I Programs provide financial incentives through participating Local Power Companies to encourage business and industrial customers to install more energy efficient equipment in their facilities.


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